The endocrine system controls much of the body’s inner workings. The Endocrinology Department at Mount Sinai Doctors-Forest Hills is fortunate to have experts on staff with many years of experience and deep knowledge of the field. Our endocrinologists are involved in the treatment of general endocrinology and specialize in the treatment of diabetes, prediabetes and obesity. We also treat less common disorders such as polycystic ovarian disease, Cushing disease and hormone-related tumors.

Our endocrinologists see patients throughout their life cycle, treating fertility issues, consulting on high-risk pregnancies and assisting with post-menopausal conditions alike. The focus of the practice is on education and prevention, with positive lifestyle habits supplemented by medicine. Patients learn the basics of good nutrition and healthy lifestyle directly from the doctor, with emphasis on selecting and counting smart carbohydrate choices, portion control, proper sleep habits and stress management. Our specialists also work closely with our on-site registered dietician and recommends cognitive therapy with a psychologist or social worker when appropriate.

Conditions Treated

Thanks to the interconnected nature of our practice, we can easily coordinate care among multiple specialists to ensure that patients with complex diseases access the full range of treatment. For example, we can refer patients with diabetes to our in-house podiatrist, and patients with polycystic ovarian disease can see our OB/GYN physician. All our patients have full access to the world-renowned care offered by the Mount Sinai Health System.

Practice Information

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Phone: 718-520-6100