Internal Medicine


Comprehensive Exams

Internists are responsible for helping patients maintain overall health. A comprehensive exam with one of our internists will assess your current level of wellness, addressing any potential medical problems. The content and extent of the exam are tailored to each individual based on age and present health.

If you are interested in scheduling a comprehensive exam at Mount Sinai Doctors Manhasset, call 516-627-3717. With your cooperation, our Internists will be able to properly gauge your current physical state.

Bone Density Screenings

Bone density screenings are often scheduled for women who have already experienced menopause. However, a screening may be performed at other times as the physician sees fit. The test can determine the mineral matter per square centimeter of your bones. Using this information, our physicians can begin to diagnose a number of separate conditions.


Spirometry exams are administered to measure lung function. Our innovative spirometry capabilities can help diagnose most lung-related ailments. Schedule an appointment with one of our physicians, and we can perform pulmonary function testing that’s designed to assess the presence of various lung diseases, including asthma and COPD.

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