Nuclear Stress Test

This particular test is used to measure the heart’s ability to respond to external stress. Your nuclear stress test will be administered in a controlled clinical location to gain the most accurate results.

Please review each of the following guidelines prior to arriving for your nuclear stress test to ensure the procedure runs smoothly.

      • Please remember to bring your referral, if applicable.
      • Please report to the lower level of the building, Suite GR2. You may park on the East side of the building and walk down the hill directly into the lower level, or you can take the elevator from the main floor.
      • Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes for walking.
      • Please do not eat or drink anything that may contain caffeine. This includes: tea and coffee (including decaf), soda, chocolate, including candy and ice cream, and certain over-the-counter medications like Excedrin.
      • Please get instructions from your own doctor about which medications you should or should not take the morning before the test. If you need assistance, please call the office the day before your test so we can provide guidance. Please bring your medicines with you to the test.
      • Please do not eat or drink anything on the morning of your test, except for a small sip of water with your medication. If you are scheduled for a test after noon, you may have a light breakfast. Be sure to avoid all coffee and tea. If you are diabetic, call your doctor for special instructions.

Your test will last approximately two to three hours. You will have a 30-minute break in the middle of the test, when you may have a snack. If you choose to bring a snack, make sure it is high in fat and protein.

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