The cardiology team at Mount Sinai Doctors Manhasset offers an impressive series of diagnostic and treatment options to keep your heart healthy.

Echocardiography Information

An echocardiogram is an ultrasound image of the heart, which has become a very common diagnostic procedure. It allows the physician to assess the heart’s overall and regional function as well as the size and function of each respective chamber. Additionally, it allows the physician to evaluate the heart valves for any abnormalities. The test is commonly administered to evaluate any heart murmurs that may have been detected during a physical examination. Echocardiography is also useful in determining the heart’s strength and an important variable called the Ejection Fraction. The test requires no special preparation, but a physician’s prescription is necessary. On occasion, an exercise echocardiogram may be required. This is an echocardiogram combined with a traditional stress test. Together, this pair of diagnostic procedures will allow your physician to assess many exercise-induced abnormalities, such as blocked arteries or even a disorder of the heart valves. This test involves no intravenous injection of nuclear isotopes. Mount Sinai Doctors Manhasset is an ICAEL accredited facility.

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