Mount Sinai Doctors-Long Island nephrology specialists diagnose and treat hypertension, inherited and acquired renal disease (disorders of the kidney), and administers dialysis. Whether you are suffering from a common kidney issue or a rare disorder, we endeavor to provide the finest care available.

We offer services for treatment of the following conditions:

Mount Sinai Doctors-Long Island offers the latest treatment to improve the health of your kidneys. We provide a full range of services to diagnose and treat disorders of the kidney, including:

At Mount Sinai Doctors-Long Island, we understand how difficult it can be to live with kidney disease. Our physicians go to great lengths to help you maximize your quality of life. As part of the Mount Sinai Health System, we are able to draw on vast resources, including researchers and specialists spanning many disciplines. Additionally, the practice is affiliated with regional hospitals and dialysis centers. This can be particularly advantageous for patients with advanced kidney disease who experience cardiovascular complications.